Downloadable documents related to Tuvalu
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Document Date Type Description
Coral Reef Restoration Project 2008 PDF CRISP program to restore a degrading reef in Funafuti atoll

Coastal Change Analysis Using Multi-Temporal Image Comparisons – Funafuti Atoll

2006 PDF Shoreline change and processes were analysed on Funafuti Atoll by
the comparison of digitally rectified 1941, 1943, 1984 aerial
photographs with a 2003 IKONOS geo-referenced satellite image.
National Adaption Plan on Climate Change 2007 PDF Under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Aggregate Supply, Causeway Construction On Funafuti And Vaitupu Atolls

2004 PDF Assessment Of Aggregate Supply, Pond And Lagoon Water
Quality & Causeway Construction On Funafuti And Vaitupu Atolls
Maatia Toafa on Pacific Beat 2006 RM Interview with Prime Minister Maatia Toafa on Radio Australia's Pacific Beat, about the threat of Tuvaluans becoming "environmental refugees".
Sea Level and Climate Report 2004 PDF Produced by the The South Pacific Sea-Level and Climate Monitoring Project. This valuable report is extremely detailed, but easy to read, full of illustrations and graphs.
Fogafale Survey Report 2003 PDF Survey Report on "Precise Differential Levelling" by NTF Australia. This document discusses how the Seaframe tidal gauge is calibrated and its relation ship to elevation benchmarks on the island
Funafuti Coastal Management 1995 PDF SOPAC document on sedimentation and coastal management on Funafuti. Excellent material, maps and some pictures
Occurence of Phosphate Rock in Tuvalu 1992 PDF Study of the occurence of phosphate rock in Tuvalu. Issued by the U.S. Smithonian Institute and the University of Auckland.